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Suzie clarke

My goal as a writer is to write great stories and take the reader on an intimate journey with the characters. I think I was born to write. If you could go back to the night I was born, you’d probably see me grabbing a note pad from the night stand in my mother’s hospital room and writing about my birth experience–especially about how the doctor slapped me. 

I arrived in Ohio the way most everyone arrives here—forced out of the mother ship, kicking and screaming. I spent my late childhood and early youth in Florida, where I acquired my taste for all things Southern. 

I have spent most of my life in Ohio. I don’t know why my husband and I have never moved. Each winter, around January or early February, I always threaten to leave but for some reason we are still here, probably because most of our family live here, and summer and fall are beautiful in Ohio. When the weather gets really bad and I can’t stand it anymore, we have heated debates about where the best place is to get away (he is from Las Vegas and I claim the South). March is approaching by the time the debate is over and then suddenly life doesn’t seem so horrible after all. Now that the kids are grown and have children of their own, I spend my time writing, trying to talk my family and friends into hanging out with me, and sneaking out for an occasional hot fudge sundae.

Moon Shadow is my next published work and is due for release January 14, 2020. The genre is women’s fiction/action adventure/with lesbian romantic intrigue. You can get the book through the publisher, Bold Strokes Books, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite book store. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it for you.

About Moon Shadow:

Justice might be satisfying, but revenge is far sweeter.

Computer programmer Rachel Portola’s got a target on her back. She’s developed a corporate high-level security program and her boss, Justin McKinney wants it and the millions it will bring on the open market. Even if it means murder.

When Rachel’s plane crashes and she and her friends are forced to struggle to survive the Alaskan wilderness, she thinks the worst is over, and she can finally focus on her attraction to Claire and the unexpected love they share, but Justin is not giving up.

Armed with only her instincts and a sharp knife, Rachel’s in for the fight of her life to protect what’s hers, and with everything that matters on the line, she’s not letting anything get in her way.

I was asked if there will be a follow-up book to Moon Shadow. You’ll have to wait and see… 

I also have a draft book of humorous short stories entitled Southern Comfort. 

Thanks for visiting my website.

My advice:
Take a slow deep breath once in a while and don’t forget to take time to play with the other kids!

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