Shadows of Steel

Fiction by Suzie Clarke, 2nd book in her Shadows Series

All Rachel and Claire want is a peaceful life together, but danger strikes, threatening to shatter their hopes and dreams, putting their hearts, and their lives in jeopardy. Eshee Yumiko, head of SeaBridge, seeks revenge for the damage Rachel’s computer program trigger has caused, vowing to get even, no matter what it takes. Derrick refuses to accept Claire’s relationship with Rachel and her continued rejection of his advances. His escalating fixation on her slowly turns into a deadly obsession no one sees coming.

As their worlds collide, and choices come back to haunt them, Rachel and Claire realize that a strong love demands a strong heart.

The sequel to Moon Shadow.

Moon Shadow

Fiction by Suzie Clarke

Justice might be satisfying, but revenge is far sweeter.

Computer programmer Rachel Portola has a target on her back. She’s developed a top-secret program and her boss, Justin McKinney wants it and the millions it will bring on the open market. Even if it means murder.

When Rachel’s plane crashes and she and her friends are forced to hike through the Alaskan wilderness to survive, she thinks the worst is over. Rachel can finally focus on her attraction to her best friend Claire and the unexpected love they share.

But Justin’s not giving up. Armed with only her instincts and a sharp knife, Rachel’s in for the fight of her life to protect what’s hers. The odds are impossible, the future looks bleak, and with everything that matters on the line, Rachel’s not letting anything get in her way.

First book in the Shadow Series.

More Books by Suzie Clarke

To be released early 2022

Shadow Dancers

Fiction by Suzie Clarke

Security specialist Rachel Portola and her wife Claire have begun to rebuild their lives and hope for their future. Rachel has made a promise to stay far away from danger, but her loyalties are tested when two of her team go missing while searching for Eshee Yumiko, the woman who will stop at nothing to see Rachel suffer. Rachel must find a way to become the hunter rather than the hunted, and put an end to Eshee’s vendetta. But all Claire sees are Rachel’s broken promises, and her obsession to keep them all safe by putting herself in peril may be the very thing that tears them apart for good.

Third and final book in the Shadow Series.

In the works…


Historical Fiction by Suzie Clarke

It is a time for courage, a time for sacrifice, a time for love.

In the fall of 1941, the United States Office of Strategic Services summons agent Polly Silvester to find an elusive spy. All that’s known is critical information about aircraft designs, production numbers, and flight schedules vital to America’s safety are being stolen from the Portage Aircraft Plant in Akron, Ohio. And the spy is most likely a woman. She has to be found and stopped whatever the cost—whatever the sacrifice.

Polly has taken an oath to protect and serve her country, but when she finds the love of her life, will she be the one to betray it? Can she fulfill her duty when it means risking everything that matters to her heart?

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