Moon Shadow

Fiction by Suzie Clarke

Justice might be satisfying, but revenge is far sweeter.

Computer programmer Rachel Portola’s got a target on her back. She’s developed a corporate high-level security program and her boss, Justin McKinney wants it and the millions it will bring on the open market. Even if it means murder.

When Rachel’s plane crashes and she and her friends are forced to struggle to survive the Alaskan wilderness, she thinks the worst is over, and she can finally focus on her attraction to Claire and the unexpected love they share, but Justin is not giving up.

Armed with only her instincts and a sharp knife, Rachel’s in for the fight of her life to protect what’s hers, and with everything that matters on the line, she’s not letting anything get in her way.

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in the works…

Southern Comfort

Fiction by Suzie Clarke

Southern Comfort is a humorous collection of fictional short stories about four sisters and their mother set in Southern Georgia.

please enjoy the first story from this hopefully forthcoming book…

“The Other Bad News”
By Suzie Clarke

I remember that day. Lord, what a day that was! It was the same day Sheryl Anne Dunleavy fell down the steps at the Shadyside Freewill Baptist Church, coming home from setting up for the first day of Revival. She spent the rest of the summer of 2003 sweating on the porch with her broken casted foot propped up and drinking lemonade—a lot of lemonade, with ice and exactly three tablespoons of whisky. …read more

Shadows of Steel

Fiction by Suzie Clarke

details coming soon…

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