I have had many readers contact me with questions about me, my writing process and other publishing information. I will start with this post answering the first in a series of several common questions I get from readers and fans.

How did you get started writing?

I have always written. I started a journal when I was about twelve and it grew from there. I have always admired the written word. I was fascinated by English Literature in college and the desire to write a fiction novel kept getting stronger. I attempted to write my first novel when I was in my early thirties and wrote about 200 pages, but honestly, it was awful, and I lacked self-confidence and professional guidance, so I gave up and ended up putting it in the closet. After several more years, I decided to try writing again, but this time took a few writing courses, got some great advice from wise people, and off I went.

…stay tuned for more questions and answers coming in my next several news/blog posts.