That’s a very easy question to answer—without hesitation— it is getting to be with the readers of my stories. I love being with them at book signings or conferences, or wherever we encounter each other, even online blogging or emailing. Writers spend so much time alone. It’s a very lonely process to write a story, and then we go through the agony of publisher rejections, suffering through the editing process if you are lucky enough to get a contract, waiting for the publish date (which is usually about a year), and then we have to endure the critics. But then the day comes when we get to be with the readers…and that’s the reward for writing. There’s just nothing like it when someone comes up to you with a smile on their face or tears in their eyes and says, “I loved your story”, or “Your story touched me so much”. It’s worth all the hard work and the heartache of rejection you have to go through to get to that point.